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Frequently Asked Questions

All Users

On the SimScholars login screen, there will be an option to reset your password. For students, your Group Leader (Instructor) can also reset your password.

Students may take each quiz and test one time. Please await the direction of your Instructor before starting a quiz or test.

No, a quiz or test score cannot be reset. All students are advised to wait the direction of their instructor to begin a quiz.

We recommend using Google Chrome for the best SimScholars experience.

To view the course in another language, scroll to the bottom of any page and click on the language you need.

Users can see which courses they are enrolled in by navigating to the All Courses page. Users will see a red Enrolled flag on courses they have access to and a green Contact Us flag on courses they are not enrolled in. Contact your instructor if you do not see a red Enrolled flag on a course you should have access to.

Simulator software is separate from curriculum access. If you have questions about your simulator software or curriculum access, please contact us

These are two separate systems. The online curriculum was created after the simulators to provide an in-tandem tool and guided training experience. The two systems are not embedded or linked to share files back and forth between operating systems at this time. (As in, if a learner takes a simulator practice session and gets a report at the end, it does not automatically get sent to a server and show up in the SimScholars™ system as a downloaded report.) The two systems do not need to be linked in order to use them.

SimuCampus™ Records Management Software is a built-in reporting system on the Cat® Simulator(s). The system reports the outcomes of the simulator exercise practice and exam sessions for each user.

  • Simulators were initially created to be able to function for ongoing training outside of wifi or online connectivity costs or constraints – for areas of poor connectivity (weather or tower access limitations), online access (geographical or economic constraints) or on purpose (Dept of Corrections recidivism programs).

SimScholars™ is an online curriculum that exists outside of the simulators, to help guide targeted implementation, learning (before, during and after) and effective use of the simulators for learners to reach competency. The curriculum can be used in a classroom, for remote learning and scaled to meet the needs of each training program, site, region or learner type. The online curriculum is separate so that students may access it outside of the classroom or training center, from any device, in order to complete assignments.

There is a 1-on-1 connection and matched order wherein the Simscholars Curriculum directly matches in order, skillset, kinesthetics and learning objectives to the Cat® Simulator exercises as seen in the Practice or Exam mode reports. Thus, each chapter of the curriculum is a 1-to-1 match or teaching or focus guide/companion to its corresponding Simulator training exercise.

SimScholars™ includes both a Machine Specific curriculum (Example: Hydraulic Excavator, Dozer, Mining Truck, etc.) and a more general Construction, Mining or Forestry related Safety Curriculum. The safety curriculums are to be used in parallel or sequential order as the local instructor, site, or program decides. These two curriculums ARE interconnected and will show up in the Manage my Groups reporting and tracking sections (Instructor/Group Leader access only) within SimScholars.

Group Leaders (Instructors)

All Group Leaders (Instructors) can navigate to the Manage My Groups page in the Getting Started section of the course. This page explains how to add and remove users, reset passwords, run reports and more.

Each machine curriculum comes with its own group (class). Each group has 333 available seats. The instructor uses 1 seat, leaving 332 seats available for users. If you have purchased more than one machine curriculum, you will have a separate group for each machine curriculum. For example, if you purchase the Hydraulic Excavator and Advanced Construction Excavator curriculums, you will see two groups in your Manage My Groups dashboard, each with 332 available seats, for a total of 664 available seats. For more information, all Group Leaders (Instructors) can navigate to the Manage My Groups page in the Getting Started section of the course.

If you have purchased more than one machine curriculum, all users will need to be added separately to each group. For example, if you purchase the Hydraulic Excavator and Advanced Construction Excavator curriculums, you will see two groups in your Manage My Groups dashboard. Users will need to be added to each group separately. Enrolling them in one group does not automatically enroll them in other groups.

One Group Leader position is included with the curriculum purchase. To add another Group Leader, please contact us.

There are three pages in each curriculum that only Group Leaders (instructors) can access: Checklists/Schedules/Templates, Manage My Groups and Quiz/Exam PDFs.


The reset course progress button is on the main page of every course, only seen by the instructor (Group Leader). This button resets the progress of the individual. This button does not reset the progress of any other users. This is useful for the instructor if they wish to reset their own progress between semesters/classes.


Manage My Groups is a feature for instructors (Group Leaders) only. 

30 days before the subscription expires, the Group Leader (Instructor) will receive a notification email to login and renew the subscription. You can also login any time and enable automatic renewals in the Subscriptions section of your Account Dashboard.

Please contact us to purchase another course.

Found in the Checklists/Schedules/Templates section of each curriculum, the Certificate of Completion is an editable PDF. Instructors can fill in the student’s name, date of completion and sign the document. Decisions of when to award the Certificate of Completion form will be based on the standards of excellence set forth in each client’s individualized programs.  SimScholars™ recommends awarding it to the learner upon completion of the safety and machine pretests (any score) and completion of a minimum of one lesson/quiz per exercise and both post-tests of the SimScholars ™ curriculum (minimum score of 80%). Additionally, a passing score for each simulator exercise on the simulator itself (whether metrics set in the SIMU Campus classes are Beginner Metric Levels or default/Advanced) must have been achieved.

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