Heavy Equipment Simulator Curriculum

SimScholars™ provides a complete program for Cat® Simulators training.

Simformotion offers SimScholars™ curriculum, companion education to Cat® Simulators, for a blended learning experience for high schools, colleges and business training programs. Watch the video below to learn more.

Cat® Simulators and Georgia Pathways

Cat® Simulators and SimScholars™ curriculums have proven invaluable in Georgia’s heavy equipment operator pathway training program. The SimScholars curriculums provide instructors with course overviews, objectives, learning outcomes, lesson plans, procedures, student management tools, quizzes and pre/post-tests.

Turn-Key Training Curriculum

SimScholars™ Curriculum, companion education to Cat® Simulators systems, can be integrated into heavy equipment operator training programs for a blended learning before getting on the iron.

  • Includes learner guides, videos, how-to graphics, and interactive lessons, quizzes and tests.
  • Allows for individual or group development monitoring and progress to competency tracking.
  • Use in a classroom or for remote learning.
  • Find kinesthetic motion instructions for faster muscle memory and competency skillset acquisition.
  • Bridges classroom learning to cost-effective simulator training to on-the-iron field applications.
  • Features simulator training exercise videos showing course navigation for extra guidance.
  • Includes additional resources beyond the simulator for ongoing education and growth.
  • SimScholars curricula is available for all
    Cat Simulators models.
  • Available mobile app for a tablet allows offline completion of courses when no internet is available.
  • A curriculum specialist is available to guide instructors and help integrate SimScholars into partner
    training programs.
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