Heavy Equipment Simulator Curriculum

SimScholars™ provides a complete program for Cat® Simulators training.


Number of equipment operator jobs.


Average cost of idle time per year per machine.

1 in 10

Construction site workers injured every year.

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Hydraulic Excavator

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Advanced Construction Excavator

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SimLite Excavator

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Get Trained for a Career in Heavy Equipment Operation

SimScholars™ curriculum teaches learners to meet core competencies within four areas:


Knowledge, comprehension & critical thinking.


Interpersonal & communication strategies, professionalism, appropriate attitudes.

Team Training

Effective teamwork skills, decision making.


(Kinesthetic) procedures, manual dexterity focus, judgement, controls/instrument use.

Course Content

These elements are included with each course.

Each section contains exercise objectives and learning outcomes.

Each section contains lesson plans and step-by-step procedures.

Guided step-by-step simulations.

Each simulation records and reports the learner and reports a set of metrics. Metrics can be compared to expert benchmarks.

Each section contains companion lessons to compliment curriculum.

Learners will receive quizzes and tests throughout the curriculum to check knowledge/progress.

Each section includes additional learning materials for the instructor and student.

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