Heavy Equipment Simulator Curriculum

SimScholars™ provides a complete program for Cat® Simulators training.


Number of equipment operator jobs.


Average cost of idle time per year per machine.

1 in 10

Construction site workers injured every year.

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Testimonial: C.W. Matthews Simulator Apprenticeship Program

C.W. Matthews realized that the best way to have the most safe and efficient heavy equipment operators was to train them in house. But the consistent struggle in training new operators is tying up machines. Because “time is money” it becomes very expensive when machines are not productive. So developing an “in house” apprenticeship program based around a very realistic Cat® Simulator just makes sense. When Simformotion™ developed their online curriculum, SimScholars™ to partner with Cat Simulators, C.W. Matthews was the first company to sign up. The program was a huge success!

Get Trained for a Career in Heavy Equipment Operation

SimScholars™ curriculum teaches learners to meet core competencies within four areas:


Knowledge, comprehension & critical thinking.


Interpersonal & communication strategies, professionalism, appropriate attitudes.

Team Training

Effective teamwork skills, decision making.


(Kinesthetic) procedures, manual dexterity focus, judgement, controls/instrument use.

Course Content

These elements are included with each course.

Each section contains exercise objectives and learning outcomes.

Each section contains lesson plans and step-by-step procedures.

Guided step-by-step simulations.

Each simulation records and reports the learner and reports a set of metrics. Metrics can be compared to expert benchmarks.

Each section contains companion lessons to compliment curriculum.

Learners will receive quizzes and tests throughout the curriculum to check knowledge/progress.

Each section includes additional learning materials for the instructor and student.

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