SimScholars Sample Curriculum

This sample curriculum has been developed to help show the curriculum’s design and the type of content that will be taught. Throughout this sample curriculum are explanations to help explain the type of materials included. Please note: This is NOT a full curriculum. In order to best understand all the components included, we recommend going through the course in linear order (follow the left-hand menu in order). The sample is set up from an actual curriculum. The only difference is there is less material in the sample, or a modified version to shorten material in the sample. 

All SimScholars curriculums are presented in the same format. Each curriculum is based on exercises featured in an individual simulator model (Articulated Truck, Dozer, Excavator, etc.). All curriculums have a 1:1 connection to the Cat® Simulators exercises—the curriculums are built around the simulator exercises. The curriculum does not connect to the simulators, and they do not need to connect.  

  • All SimScholars curriculums contain an industry-focused safety curriculum to be used in tandem or separately from the simulator curriculum. 
  • SimScholars curriculums are available with the purchase of a Cat® Simulators system and are free for the first year. After the first year, standard subscription rates are applied. Contact an Account Manager for details.  
  • After purchasing a Cat® Simulators system, clients receive a 1 hour consultation with the curriculum developer who will advise on curriculum integration, schedule implementation and more.   

Continue with the menu at the left to view the sample SimScholars course content in linear order. 

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